Automated Forex Software

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
  • FXTradeStream - Takes signals from emails and executes them in the MetaTrader platform.
  • HyperOrder - Takes signals from TradeStation, MetaStock, ESignal or a custom application and sends them to a broker's API including FXCM, EFX Group, MetaTrader, Interactive Brokers and more.
  • Neoticker - Create automated systems and execute them into MB Trading, EFX Group, Interactive Brokers or FXCM
  • NinjaTrader - Sends signals from TradeStation, ESignal or a custom application into Interactive Brokers, MB Trading or Gain Capital
  • SnapDragon - Sends signals from TradeStation to Oanda's API
  • Thinking Stuff - Backtest and automate your trading system into Gain Capital and Oanda with the click of a mouse. No programming knowledge required.
  • Trade Bolt - Takes signals from TradeStation, ESignal, MetaStock or WealthBuilder and sends them to Interactive Brokers
  • TradeBullet - Sends orders from TradeStation, eSignal and custom applications into Interactive Brokers, EFX Group and MB Trading
  • TradeCompanion - Automates your trading systems written in TradeStation, Excel, Visual Basic or any other proprietary platform and executes them into the BGCFX trading platform.
  • TradeItself - Takes trading signals from emails a