Forex Scalping for beginners!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Forex scalping is “the word” these days! It offers to give you handsome profits with out much of a risk. So lets get started in this article. We are going to cover the facts related to forex scalping for beginners.

Forex Scalping works this way. You look to make a neat profit by making small regular trading within a set time frame. I would put it in a more simple way. You make very small trades, therefore risking a small amount of money ( Of course when you profit as well, you a gain a small amount). You make plenty of such small transactions within a day. So you actually hope that little drops of water will make a mighty ocean. The fact of the matter is that it has never worked and never will.


Because Forex scalping is simply based on an incorrect belief or logic or whatever you want to call it. Infact, I am going to show you in the article why forex scalping can be the easiest way to lose your money in forex trading. Read on!!

Let us first take a look at the market and how they move.

We have approximately Trillions of dollars traded in the market daily by millions of traders. So, it will be ridiculous for us to assume that we can predict what this vast mass of traders will do in a short period of time

Let me direct you towards a Fact:

“All short-term volatility is random.”

That means?

Yes, that means prices can go up and down ( up or down? No one can predict). Infact , Neither Support and resistance levels are valid nor any of the technical indicators you have. All will fail in this random environment.

“I have seen successful track records though!”

Sure you have – and they are sold by vendors with a vested interest.

There are loads of them and they are all designed to bring forex scalping to beginners - for a few hundred bucks you get rich, Ha Ha ! that’s Laughable to me!

Please Consider a reality check!

These vendors make the much promising forex scalping systems. Hey , why don’t you guys do forex scalping instead of making these systems. They know it wont work. Hence, lure the unsuspecting ones in to forex scalping

What will be shown to you by them are amazing track records with neat profits with draw downs being a rarity and almost non-existent. A little of your common sense coming in to play will tell you that its too good to be true. And when you get an intuition like that, it probably is “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”

Many traders fall in the scheme, lose big time and still wonder “WHY?” or worse “WHY ME”

Take a closer look at the forex scaling track records, you will see the words “hindsight” or “simulation” written all over the track record as a disclaimer.

What does this imply?

That the track record is done in hindsight and simulated, knowing the closing prices!

How hard is that?

Any eight year old kid could do that and so could anyone who can read and write and you can to – My friends, these track records are useless and not even worth the paper they are written on.

Of course , you can try looking for an authentic track record. Take my word that it will take you a long time. I never found one in my life. SO if you do come across one, sure let me know.

The fact is forex scalping for beginners takes advantage of innocent and gullible investors who think making a profit is that easy and they don’t stop to think how authentic these systems are or what logic is in scalping?

If You Want to Win

You need to have odds in your favour. That simply means that you need to trade within longer time frames. That rules forex scalping out

If you are just a beginner at forex trading and looking to make a plunge in the forex market, Make a detailed study on the market. Follow the market for few months before investing your hard money in it. You can find some great ebooks here to get you started.

Do avoid the scheming companies wanting you to try forex scalping for the much-promised handsome profits, which will never materialize and do visit my blog for more articles and updates.