Freedom Rocks trading platform review:Freedom rocks ROCKS!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Freedom Rocks trading platform review:Freedom rocks ROCKS!

Hey, here is a review of freedom rocks platform. It has as many critics as its supporters.

Yeah.. so lets get started with the review!

Yes, it does have an MLM aspect to it IF you want to share the product with others. It is a refreshing twist to finally have a product one can use and make money WITHOUT telling another soul, if they want to. So for me, whether or not you like or not, or are indiferent to MLM/NWM really doesn't have any bearing on what the product is and what it can do in helping me/others diversify their investments by entering the FOREX market. So, I say to those who hate MLM, ..JUST GET OVER IT !!!

I've been curious about the FOREX market for quite a few years now, but whenever I took a look at learning it, I was always leary of the systems out there that cost so much and have you try to outguess the market by reading charts, etc. Plus, those late night hours really didn't seem worth it.

So, last fall (about Sept 06) when someone I know emailed me about FreedomRocks, I became curious, but put it on the 'back burner' for a month or so. Then, after watching the movie and listening to a couple of calls (one with the owner and designer of the product), I decided to use the FREE trial to see if it was as easy as it was made out to be. So, i decided to make a little plunge in the freedom rocks platform.

Also, the owners were quite conservative and answered to questions straight forwardly. No tall claims or hype thats not worth with freedom rocks.

So, I invested some time in the demo on the FREE trial beginning about the end of Nov, '06. I was lucky enough to extend my trial through December. I was very much impressed with the ease of their system, and the returns in Dec were pity decent.

So, onthe 1st of January I decided to pay the monthly fee of $100 to use the software, and kept demo trading. At one particular point of time I had around a dozen demos opened with 3 brokers using various strategies to see how things would play out.

Since some of my demos had quite high margins (against the advice of FreedomRocks I must add) I did have 3 of the dozen that margined out by the end of January. Still, all the demos that were left and did have the margins low as well as better currencies chosen, did very well indeed.

So, on Feb 28 I took the actual plunge and opened a live account. For the next 10 days or so I watched as my account dipped to a 50% 'paper loss'. It was kind of 'interesting', I will say, but I just kept on doing what the system is set-up to do and waited for things to work out.

What I learned through that period was a confidence in this system that it DOES work as it claims AS LONG as you follow the system to wach single and don't try to 'change/adjust' anything. Even though this downturn in early March was global and massive, my account DID NOT come close to being margined out.

I also took note of Freedom rocks suggestion to take out profits periodically when the account is up until you have your inital investment back in your pocket, and that's what I have done. It took me about four months to get my initial investment back and now I am trading essentially on 'house funds'.

Todate, even though I am down in paper losses of nearly 30% , I know that I am earning interest daily and always buying low and selling high, so I can't loose (unless I get a margin call, which I've taken care of by following the system and what I've heard on the company calls).

For those whose experience has been negative with freedom rocks and there are quite a few of these people it might be a good idea to ask yourself a few questions, assuming you can be really truthful with the answers you give. I say this because I see things being said that are not what I've been hearing from the company for nearly 9 months now.

An interesting list of questions to answer for those who traded and lost with freedomrocks

So, did you follow the system verbatum? Did you listen to the corp calls where Mark answers anyones quesions about anything to do with the system and the market? Did you go through the excellent webinar trainings and follow everything laid out there and in print to set-up your trades? Did you demo trade long enough to really be comfortable and confident with this system BEFORE you choose to open a live account?

I'll end this 'reviewl' by asking you a couple more questions: How much dollars have you lost with other FOREX programs 'promising' to teach you how to profit in this risky but exciting market? What are you going to do now that you've cancelled one of the fewbut simple to learn and use systems for trading in the FOREX and for hopefully profiting in the FOREX.....OR, have you now totally given up on ever profiting from the FOREX?

Wishing you all the very best in trading or in whatever you choose to do for your investments.

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