The complete Day Traderby Jake Bernstein PART1 AND 2

Saturday, December 15, 2007
Most so called books for specifically for "day traders" are so generalised in their look out that their techniques and advice can only be used by swing-traders and even by longer-term investors. This one is different. The author, Jake Bernstein, who has given decent forex books in the past strongly advocates real day trading, when no securities ever kept overnight. Therefore, his techniques are usable for very short term trading only.

The list of popular books by Jake Bernstein include

Jake Bernstein - Commodity
Jake Bernstein - How to Trade the New Single Stock Futures.pdf
Jake Bernstein - Market Master.pdf
Jake Berstein - Introduction To Technical Analysis.pdf

Jake Bernstein - Timming Short Term Price Swings in S&P.pdf

Right now.. You can download the complete day trader vol 1 and 2 from us!!

Jake Bernstein - The Complete Day Trader Vol I.pdf

Jake Bernstein - The Complete Day Trader Vol 2.pdf

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