Intermarket Techinical analysis-forex book download

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hey all again,

Now, Here I have a really decent forex book which Im sure you will enjoy reading.

It is Intermarket Technical Analysis by John Murphy

You can simply download it or read a review of it


  • In this book John Murphy explains the interactions of the four major market sectors mentioned in the book's title.

  • He structures his analyses around the concept of the business cycle, the recurring boom and bust loop which the economy has gone through over the past two centuries.

  • Showing how the four major sectors (as well as other economic factors) interact in feedback loops to drive the business cycle, he gives us the information we need to see what stage of the cycle we're currently experiencing and where we're headed.

  • Knowing this we can better decide where to park our assets in the short and medium-term future.

  • His outline of the various stages of the business cycle is very helpful, even though it's a rough guide. For instance, although gold does not seem to have played its assigned role in this scheme, it is clear that commodities did bottom in the third quarter of last year, signaling that a market top would follow in the not-too-distant future.

  • Thus, even though the stock market is a dynamic system and cannot be exactly predicted, there are patterns that take a huge amount of guesswork out of charting one's way through it. This book thoroughly explores those patterns and provides the investor/trader a solid support for making financial decisions.