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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Hey there,
Im running a little scheme on the site.
you can see the little donation button on the right side?
Well, it needs to get busy.
So from now on, Anyone who donates us over $50 will get some of the paid trading systems for free!!!
The options are
--Forex Killer
--Forex System
--5 EMAS Trading system
Just do the donation, email me the transaction id and the email address you used to make the donation and the trading system you want and i will email you the download link!

Cheers :)


First of all apologies to any difficulties you might be facing with regards to our site.
Its coz i was trying to get as our own domain name. Till now i was just forwarding the traffic from to our old address

So, Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in a day or two.

Thanks a lot for your patience

Forex Killer

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Today I want to introduce you to a system that is based on a software forex signal system.

Over the last few months I have keep an eye onthis system to see how it goes and so far, the feedbacklooks positive. A trader that I know is testing the system and last month made +280 pips with the system and he is very happy with it.

The software has been updated and is better thanever before. Software got a lot of enhancements in interface and more accurate algorithm based on neurosystems. Now you can load the data easily from Metatraderwithout need for manual input.

The software is simple, easy to use, no trading experience required, good for a newbie trader that wants to trade the markets ...
Anyway, that is all for this week ... happy trading.

7 Habits of a highly successful trader

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
forex forex

7 Habits of a highly successful trader

We have the copy of "7 Habits of a highly successful trader"

Download here!

I would be looking to add a few more guides to the forex beginner section soon.

Im a bit short of cash lately, so Im wondering I should sell the domain name which i registered a few weeks ago.

Or I rather develop it when I have time, but got no time right now.

Im finding hard to find time to keep 4xpoint updated.

Anyways the other day, i got an offer for $200 for 4xpoint from one of a forum member I post on to. I laughed off the offer as Im not really looking to sell 4xpoint for now.

So enjoy this forex book and do leave your comments guys!

Thank You