7 Habits of a highly successful trader

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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7 Habits of a highly successful trader

We have the copy of "7 Habits of a highly successful trader"

Download here!

I would be looking to add a few more guides to the forex beginner section soon.

Im a bit short of cash lately, so Im wondering I should sell the domain name http://www.4xreviews.com/ which i registered a few weeks ago.

Or I rather develop it when I have time, but got no time right now.

Im finding hard to find time to keep 4xpoint updated.

Anyways the other day, i got an offer for $200 for 4xpoint from one of a forum member I post on to. I laughed off the offer as Im not really looking to sell 4xpoint for now.

So enjoy this forex book and do leave your comments guys!

Thank You