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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Short Term Analysis - Apr 28, 2008

Short Term Analysis - Apr 28, 2008

20080428_audusd_1.gifAUDUSD Analysis.
AUDUSD formed a short term cycle top at 0.9541 and dropped sharply to as low as 0.9290. Further decline to test 0.9220 area to reach the next cycle bottom on 4-hour chart is still possible in a couple of days. Key support is at 0.9205, a break of this level will signal the reversal to the up trend.

20080428_eurusd_1.gifEURUSD Analysis.
EURUSD is now in down trend. Rebound from 1.5554 is treated as consolidation to the down trend. Deeper decline to test 1.5342 (Mar 24 low) support is still possible after consolidation. Near term resistance is at 1.5707, a break of this level will indicate lengthier consolidation and delay the resumption of the down trend.

20080428_usdcad_1.gifUSDCAD Analysis.
USDCAD formed a short term cycle top at 1.0214 on 4-hour chart. Further fall below 0.9987 previous low is still possible in the next several days. Key resistance is at 1.0214, only rise above this level will signal the resumption of the long term up trend.

20080428_gbpusd_1.gifGBPUSD Analysis.
GBPUSD rebounded sharply from 1.9676. However, the rise from 1.9676 is treated as correction to the down trend. As long as 2.0029 key resistance holds, we’d expect down trend to resume and then fall below 1.9599 could be seen.

20080428_usdchf_1.gifUSDCHF Analysis.
USDCHF is in up trend. Further rise towards 1.0600 area to reach the next short term cycle top is possible after consolidation. Near term support is at 1.0300 and followed by 1.0165, as long as 1.0165 support holds, up trend will continue.

20080428_usdjpy_1.gifUSDJPY Analysis.
USDJPY broke above 104.64 previous high and up trend resumed. Further rise towards 107.00 area to reach the next short term cycle top is possible. Initial support is at 103.33, as long as this support holds, up trend will continue.

A Few Tips For Day Trading the Stock Market

Day trading the stock market involves the rapid buying and selling of stocks on a day-to-day basis. This technique is used to secure quick profits from the constant changes in stock values, minute to minute, second to second. It is rare that a day trader will remain in a trade over the course of a night into the next day. These trades are entered and exited in a matter of minutes.

The main question that most people ask when it comes to day trading is simple: Is it necessary to sit at a computer watching the markets ALL day long in order to be a successful day trader?

The answer is no. It's not necessary to sit at a computer all day long. There are a number of factors to consider, but generally the rule of day trading is to trade when everyone else is trading. In other words, trade in the morning.

As with all financial investments, day trading is risky  in fact, it's one of the riskiest forms of trading out there. The stock prices rise or fall according to the behavior of the market, which is entirely unpredictable. Day traders buy and sell shares rapidly in the hopes of gaining profits within the minutes and seconds they own those particular stocks. Simple to do in theory, harder to do in practice.

If you are constrained by a small amount of capital, you may not be able to buy large amounts of a stock, but buying only a small amount can add to the risk of a loss. And, obviously, it is impossible to predict with certainty which stocks will result in profits and which in losses. Even the best of traders must learn to accept both outcomes.

It's also important to know that in day trading, it is the number of shares rather than the value of shares that should be the focus. If you day trade, you WILL face losses, but even for the more expensive stocks, the loss should be marginal, because prices do not usually fluctuate to an extreme degree over the course of just one day.

The day trading industry deals in a large variety of stocks and shares. Here are just a few:

Growth-Buying Shares shares made from profit, which continue to grow in value. Eventually, these shares will begin to decline in price, and an experienced trader can usually predict the future of this type of share.

Small Caps shares of companies which are on the rise and show no signs of stopping. Although these shares are generally cheap, they are a very risky investment for day traders. You'll be safer to go with large caps and/or mid-caps, which are much more secure and stable thanks to a premium.

Unloved Stocks company stock that has not performed well in the past. Traders buy these shares in the hopes of generating profits if and when the stock rises in value. As with small caps, unloved stocks can be a risky choice for day traders.

These examples are NOT your only options when it comes to day trading stocks. The best way to determine which type of stock is right for you is to invest some time for careful research, a knowledge of market patterns, a solid strategy, and a disciplined trading plan.

The key to successful day trading is to be prepared. Know as much as possible about the industry before you begin actually trading. You need to learn to trade ONLY when the market gives the right signals, and ONLY when the volume of activity in the market supports a successful trading opportunity.