4 Reasons to Practice on Small-Size Real Account before Risking Big on Forex

Monday, July 7, 2008
Practicing on the demo accounts before moving on to the real money trading is an obvious requirement for successful participating on the Forex market. It’s always better to lose virtual money while you are learning new market theories, developing your trading system or improving your practical Forex skills. But is it right to jump from the virtual account to a big real money one when you suddenly realize that you manage to be profitable for a long period of time in your demo trading? Here are some reasons to move on to just a small real account before risking a lot of hard-earned money on Forex:
  1. Real trading is different from virtual, because you get real emotions when you lose or earn money. Trading with $100 on real will get you more real feeling than trading with $10,000 on demo. It’s better to lose $50-$100 to learn controlling those emotions than several thousands dollars.
  2. Know your broker’s real account servers’ behavior. With some brokers virtual trading is smooth and fast, while real account bring unpleasant surprises with order delays, requites, refusals, slippage and stop-hunting. Trading with a small real account can save you big money if you are unlucky to stumble upon a bad broker.
  3. Know your broker’s funds handling practice. Don’t risk depositing thousands dollars before trying small deposits to see how smooth transfers go with this broker. Pay attention to user support if you encounter some problems with the depositing or withdrawing your money. If your broker doesn’t take seriously small money deposits/withdrawals than you should be careful with it, since it may treat big amounts the money in the same way.
  4. Practicing on small real account has another advantage before the demo trading – you get the real rewards when you trade right and you get real losses when you do something wrong. This way you’ll quickly learn to do everything right and won’t be doing the same mistakes again and again.
Demo trading is one of the greatest tools to learn Forex trading, just don’t forget that nothing will teach you better than trading on a real account. But why risk big before being confident in your skills, when you can start with a small-size real account?