Forex PDF

Saturday, October 16, 2010
PDF is the popular file format for the electronic books (or e-books) and Forex traders always search for Forex PDF to read about the currency trading from their own PC without having to buy a physical book or installing some additional software for e-book reading. Of course, there are many strictly proprietary e-books that aren’t available in PDF format, but there are also free e-books that allow reading about Forex in PDF format.

There are several sources of the Forex PDF books on-line. Some of them are great and feature tens of interesting and useful e-books; others aren’t that cool but still allow downloading one or two free Forex PDF books:

  • Forex E-Books from list more than 70 free PDF e-books that can be freely downloaded. All the books are divided into 6 thematic categories.

  • Trading Naked Library — the site isn’t too visitor-friendly but it has ton of Forex PDF and other financial trading e-books.

  • Phildun’s Forex Trading Library is a great source of free Forex PDF books but it lists them without descriptions and the download process isn’t very easy from this website.

  • The Forex Village has four categories of free Forex PDF books with a lot of rather rare strategy descriptions.

  • FX1618 lists a lot of interesting e-books but, unfortunately, only few of them are about the actual Forex trading.

  • — the majority of the listed books are paid but there are also several free ones there (not too great).

  • Forex Newbies Library - 9 carefully picked newbie-friendly Forex PDF books. Nice choice if you don't want to spend a lot of time to go through the dozens of them to find what you really need.

When you set yourself into a Forex trading, it’s very important to have a good level of knowledge in the markets. Downloading and reading at least some of these e-books can be a good start before your open your real money account and buy some real books on trading.

If you know some other good on-line sources of free Forex PDF e-books, please, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Update: One more source added.